HOM Protocol: Banking the future

This project is all about real-time asset management and lays the foundation for decentralized banking services. It helps you instantly value your assets like real estate and securities, so you always know where you stand. Plus, you can earn interest on your assets, like having your own mini-bank. It's like having a financial wizard in your pocket. Learn more here.

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TItle App

Say goodbye to complicated paperwork and hello to hassle-free ownership records. With Title App, you can track and prove ownership of real-world assets using digital certificates. It's like having a digital vault that keeps everything safe and transparent, making property transactions a breeze. Learn more on the Title App site.

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HOM Rental App

Renting is about to get a lot easier. This project offers tokens that represent rental agreements. As time goes by, the tokens burn away, ensuring fair and seamless rental experiences. It's like having a digital rental genie that takes care of all the details, leaving you worry-free. You can learn more in our White Paper.

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HOM Loan App

Need a mortgage? This is your future.. This project seeks to let you finance your property with ease. Tokens secure your loan in a smart contract, and you even earn rewards for staking. It's like having a smart lending partner that simplifies the whole process and helps you make the most of your investment.

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Vote to Earn App

Your voice matters, and this project recognizes that. By participating in voting activities, you earn tokens as a thank you. It's like getting a pat on the back for making your voice heard and actively contributing to the community. Vote to Earn is outlined in our documentation and has been implemented with the TITLE token, available on Dawnswap.

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Escrow Locker App

Keep your transactions secure with this multi-signature wallet. It holds assets until the conditions are met, ensuring safe exchanges. It's like having a personal digital vault that protects your assets and gives you peace of mind. Learn more here about this valuable service.

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