The Digital Title Certificate (DTC)

Blockchain-based Digital Title Certificate System for Asset Ownership and Valuation Tracking. USPTO Filing #18/398,941

Say goodbye to complicated paperwork and hello to hassle-free ownership records. With Title App, you can track and prove ownership of real-world assets using digital certificates. It's like having a digital vault that keeps everything safe and transparent, making property transactions a breeze.

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The Escrow Locker

Blockchain-Based Escrow Locker for Secure Digital Title Certificate Transactions. USPTO Patent FIling #18/398,973

The Escrow Locker boosts trust and safety in blockchain title certificate transactions using a secure multi-signature wallet, requiring approval from the buyer, seller, and a third-party agent, be it human or AI. It simplifies transactions with smart contracts, ensuring wallet validation, KYC/AML checks, certificate details, pricing, transfers, and dispute resolution. Plus, it addresses privacy, system integration, contract auditing, insurance, decentralization, and regulatory compliance.

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TITLE Assurance on the Blockchain

Blockchain-Based Title Assurance System and Method. USPTO Patent Filing #18/399,008

This patent revolutionizes property title assurance in the US and EU by using blockchain, smart contracts, and legal opinions to eliminate the need for traditional title insurance. It cuts out intermediaries, empowers property owners, and maintains an unchangeable title history, all while adhering to legal standards and harnessing blockchain's transparency and efficiency.

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Vote to Earn App

Vote to Earn (VTE) Decentralized Governance Incentivization System and Method. USPTO Filing # 18/399,100

The VTE system changes how communities make decisions by using blockchain. It asks people to join in and make decisions, and they get tokens as a reward. VTE helps stop fake voting and makes communities more active. Whether it's used for a company, a club, a homeowner's association, or a country, VTE is a positive force for modern governance.

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What's next?

Several patents are being developed that link the DOAs work into real-time asset management and lays the foundation for decentralized banking services. It helps you instantly value your assets like real estate and securities, so you always know where you stand. Plus, you can earn interest on your assets, like having your own mini-bank. It's like having a financial wizard in your pocket. Learn more here.

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