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"HOM DAO provides the keys to mint NFTs for any property, and when combined with HOM tokens, opens the door to acquiring real estate, building wealth and generating #passiveincome."

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"HOM DAO is proof that crypto can be a force for good in the world."

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Why use the Title App to acquire a Digital Title Certificate for your propery or personal goods?

Securing your digital rights is just the beginning


Property DTCs are automatically recorded on the Interplanetary Title Registry. Ownership is immutable and transparent, regardless of what's going on with the local government.


With HOM-DTC you unlock the potential to do property transactions using smart contracts. The result? Save lots of time and money.


Decentralized finance loans make it possible to get funding fast. Plus there's no invasive personal underwriting or credit checks.

The HOM DAO Vote 2 Earn app. Get paid to help build the community.

When you own HOM tokens you can despoit them in the Vote 2 Earn app. Then vote and participate in community projects to earn more HOM.

HOM governance tokens are based on a treasury of real assets, not just hype

The value of HOM governance tokens is backed up by world-class real estate assets, property loans, and leading crypto. So the value of your tokens isn't likely to go below the value of those assets.

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We've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost to get involved in HOM DAO?

Joining HOM DAO requires a 100+ USDC contribution. You can make the contribution on the Polygon Network through your crypto wallet.  In return, you will receive HOM governance tokens. At this time HOM tokens are not freely tradable on exchanges, but will be soon.

How can our non-profit get involved with HOM DAO?

HOM DAO works with non-profit and community organizations to help them leverage our blockchain technologies to crowdfund worthwhile housing and infrastructure projects. Join our Discord channel to learn more and apply for a HOM DAO grant.

Does it matter if I'm new to crypto?

Nope! HOM DAO is for everyone who wants to make an impact. Our mission is to help provide the keys to wealth generation, a more efficient way to buy and sell real estate, and make it possible for everyone to have safe, sustainable housing.

Can I stake HOM tokens?

You bet! Once you have your HOM tokens in your MetaMask account you can stake them. In order to earn awards, you have to vote which is why our protocol is called "Vote 2 Earn". You get to keep any of the additional HOM tokens you earn from your voting and work for the DAO.

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Do I need a special crypto wallet?

To receive HOM governance tokens, you can use a MetaMask wallet that is set up to operate on the Polygon/MATIC network. Here's a YouTube video on how to do that. pHOM tokens are based on Polygon to help save gas fees and environmental impact.  

How do I mint a HOM-NFT?

HOM DAO is close to releasing the beta version of it's HOM-NFT Minting App. Once it's released, you'll be able to easily make a Polygon-based NFT of your property that you can bond for HOM tokens or use to sell or rent your property with the power of crypto.

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The Latest Buzz About HOM DAO

"The combination of NFTs to raise funds and 3D printing to build homes for families in need is an ideal combination of new technologies to solve real social problems."

"The use of 3D printing greatly accelerates the construction cycle for the projects, making it possible to build communities in months, instead of years."

"This HOM DAO World Housing NFT drop is the first to detangle the significant legal issues around crypto donations and NFT sales, which is a barrier to NFT-based philanthropy."

5 reasons why HOM is better than crypto.


Technology community tying together real and digital assets

HOM governance tokens are based on a treasury full of real estate, property loans, and crypto. We all understand the value of real estate. It tends to go up in value over time. And loans generate revenue that help fund staking awards.


Downside risk protection

HOM tokens are designed to build treasury reserves through minting fees from NFTs, token sales, interest payments from property loans, and operating income from DAO-owned real estate. The result is that the HOM token will be less volatile than other crypto


Transparency and accountability

HOM DAO has voted to release quarterly financial statements and pursue a third-party audit of the DAO treasury. Few crypto projects offer that level of disclosure and transparency. All founding team members are fully doxxed, even though its up to DAO members to use their real names or avatars.


Real utility

HOM DAO is about creating something useful. Everyone needs a place to live, and our mission is to make that happen.


Massive social impact

The ultimate goal of HOM DAO is to make it possible for everyone everywhere to have safe, sustainable housing. Isn't that something we can all get behind?

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Our community is looking for people who want to change the world. You can join our Discord as an observer, or contribute $100 USDC and receive HOM governance tokens in return. HOM tokens empower you to vote on the development of the project.