What are pHOM voting tokens?

HOM and pHOM tokens are governance tokens that the DAO uses to help create, manage and revise projects that are designed to support our mission. When you purchase a HOM governance token, you become part of the community and can help support the DAO mission. Please note that voting tokens represent contribution to the project. Do not expect any financial return from buying voting tokens.

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Our First Project Launch: Title App

The HOM DAO Title App provides universal access to immutable, accessible and affordable records of ownership for all the assets in our world, and beyond.

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    "The combination of NFTs to raise funds and 3D printing to build homes for families in need is an ideal combination of new technologies to solve real social problems."


    "The use of 3D printing greatly accelerates the construction cycle for the projects, making it possible to build communities in months, instead of years."


    "This HOM DAO World Housing NFT drop is the first to detangle the significant legal issues around crypto donations and NFT sales, which is a barrier to NFT-based philanthropy."