World Housing projects include a safe house for girls and women of Zambia

HOM DAO Joins Forces with WORLD HOUSING to Make a Global Impact in Sustainable Housing

George Town Grand Cayman, 21 April, 2022: In an unanimous decision, HOM DAO, the decentralized autonomous organization revolutionizing the real estate industry, has taken a significant step towards making a positive change in communities worldwide. The DAO recently voted to allocate 1,000,000 pHOM tokens to support the impactful housing projects of WORLD HOUSING, a renowned organization dedicated to sustainable housing solutions. This collaborative effort showcases HOM DAO's commitment to creating a brighter future for all.

Recognizing the commendable work of WORLD HOUSING, the DAO identified them as an ideal partner to expand this initiative. WORLD HOUSING has a proven track record of delivering much-needed housing solutions, and they have ongoing projects that require continuous funding.

WORLD HOUSING's relentless dedication to providing sustainable housing solutions resonates deeply with HOM DAO's vision of leveraging blockchain technology for the greater good. By supporting WORLD HOUSING's initiatives, HOM DAO aims to drive positive social change and address global housing challenges. Together, they are working towards creating a brighter future and ensuring sustainable housing for those in need.

Together WORLD HOUSING and HOM DAO are driving positive change and shaping a better world for all.

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