HOM DAO Files Four Groundbreaking Patents in Blockchain Technology

HOM DAO Files Four Groundbreaking Patents in Blockchain Technology

Georgetown, Cayman Islands, December 20, 2023: HOM DAO, a pioneer in blockchain technology dedicated to making safe and sustainable housing accessible worldwide, is thrilled to announce the successful submission of four innovative patents. These patents, filed in December 2023, represent significant strides in simplifying and securing real-world asset transactions.

Patent 1: The Digital Title Certificate (DTC) - Blockchain-based Digital Title Certificate System for Asset Ownership and Valuation Tracking. USPTO Filing #18/398,941.

HOM DAO introduces the DTC, a game-changer in ownership record management. This distributed ledger system empowers users to effortlessly track and validate ownership of real-world assets with digital certificates, streamlining property transactions and ensuring transparency.

Patent 2: The Escrow Locker - Blockchain-Based Escrow Locker for Secure Digital Title Certificate Transactions. USPTO Patent FIling #18/398,973.

Enhancing trust and security in blockchain title certificate transactions, the Escrow Locker employs a multi-signature wallet and smart contracts. It simplifies transactions, ensuring wallet validation, KYC/AML checks, dispute resolution, and more while addressing privacy, system integration, insurance, and regulatory compliance.

Patent 3: TITLE Assurance on the Blockchain - Blockchain-Based Title Assurance System and Method. USPTO Patent Filing #18/399,008.

Revolutionizing property title assurance, HOM DAO eliminates the need for traditional title insurance with this patent. It empowers property owners, maintains an immutable title history, and adheres to legal standards through blockchain, smart contracts, and legal opinions.

Patent 4: Vote to Earn App - Vote to Earn (VTE) Decentralized Governance Incentivization System and Method. USPTO Filing # 18/399,100

HOM DAO transforms community decision-making with the VTE system. Users participate in decisions and receive tokens as rewards, promoting active engagement while ensuring safety, transparency, and legal compliance.

These patents demonstrate HOM DAO's commitment to innovation and its vision of revolutionizing real-world asset transactions. They provide unique solutions to complex challenges in the blockchain and real estate industries.

HOM DAO invites all interested parties to explore the potential of these groundbreaking patents and join the mission of providing safe and sustainable housing for everyone, everywhere.

For more information about HOM DAO and its innovative patents, please visit the HOM DAO GitBook at https://hom-dao.gitbook.io/hom-dao.

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