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Please fill out the HOM DAO Contributor Whitelist form. All information is kept confidential. You will only receive your pHOM (presale HOM) tokens when you have completed the Whitelist form entirely. After being added to the Whitelist, you will receive a confirmation email.

Anti-Money Laundering and Source of Funds Statement: I, (the “Donor”), understand and acknowledges that HOM DAO (“Foundation) may in the future become, subject to money laundering statutes, regulations and conventions of the Cayman Islands or other international jurisdictions, and Donor agrees to execute instruments, provide information, or perform any other acts as may reasonably be requested by any Foundation entity for the purpose of carrying out compliance requests as required by Applicable Law. Customer agrees that it will provide the Foundation with such information as any Foundation entity may reasonably be required to comply with applicable anti-money laundering laws or regulations in the Cayman Island and other international jurisdictions. The Donor confirms that these cryptocurrency funds are legally earned, good, clean, cleared funds of non-criminal origin and are free of any liens or encumbrances. These cryptocurrency funds are being immediately transferred to the foundation and are available for its sole use. The Donor further confirms that this donation is being made with no expectation of financial reward and gain. In the event that the Foundation provides any form or digital content or token to the Donor, it will do so in an effort to have the Donor help develop and test blockchain technologies and processes being developed by the Foundation community.

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