HOM DAO hopes to help a new generation of real estate professional and investors securely enter the world of DeFI


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HOM DAO University

HOM DAO University (HDU) is a new program a team of HOMmies are developing to reward you with HOM tokens for learning about DeFi.


Our Discord Channel is where most of the day to day work of HOM DAO happens. Join in the discussion. It's. free to join.

The HOM-NFT Explained

Bonding Explained

Staking Explained

Due to regulations in the Cayman Islands, those who wish to contribute and receive HOM governance tokens need to be cleared on the Whitelist to verify that funds are not derived from any criminal activities.

HOM is built on the MATIC (Polygon) Network, so you need to bridge any ETH-network based tokens to the MATIC network before contributing to HOM DAO.

If you need help setting up your MetaMask Wallet and using the MATIC network, check out the videos below or you can send us an email at contribute@homdao.io.

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