The Title App

The Title App app provides an easy way to provide any property with a special kind of NFT called a Digital Title Certificate (DTC). The DTC is loaded onto the Interplanetary Title Register, providing an immutable record of ownership to protect your assets.


How it works

Step 1: Register with the DAO

Register with the HOM DAO TItle App minting system and provide proof that you own the property.

Step 2: Upload the Meta-Data

Next, enter all the information about your property. This “meta-data” is the key to your Digital Title Certificate. In some places HOM DAO may already have compiled the meta-data for the property.

Step 3: Mint your Digital Title Certificate

Once the meta-data is collected, minting your DTC takes seconds. HOM AI bots ensure your meta-data remains up to date and is powered with the latest market data and trends. 

3 reasons why you'll want to make a Digital Title Certificate of your property.


Protect your property rights

According to the World Bank, less than 30% of the property in the world has a title record. Digital Title Certificates provide proof of ownership to settle land disputes.


Make your property more marketable

Having your digital rights protected creates more value for your assets. In the era of digital-first everything, you need to ensure you don't get left behind.


Avoid fakes, forgery and corruption

Immutable DTCs make it impossible for people to forge, fake or steal records of asset transactions. All transactions are recorded on the public distributed ledger system, visible for anyone with internet access.